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Shout Outs!!!
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Shout Outs!!!

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Kate- Hey gurl remember the good times.... (Mr. Brown writen in ur letta) lol im gonna miss ya... lylas gurlie By the way thanks for the pics i love them!!!
Amanda-Hey hunny remember the funny and good times (the playground when u was dancen) lol never change!.....lylas 4 ev By the way thanks for the pics i love them lol!!
BooBoo- Hey chick remember the good at my house w/ my  lil bro lol Alan has competiion now lol.... lylas gurlie
Whit-Your the best cuz eva! i hope u and Adam last forev... or for a while lol remember the good times (not the bad) lylas
Leslie-Hey chicka ur the greatest im always here for u if u need me....lylas
Rhonda-Hey didnt know u really good but u koo neva change hope to see u sumtime soon lylas remember the good luck w/ everythin
Katelyn-Hey gurl remember the goodtimes lol....lylas
Rea- Hey gurlie sup ur koo remember the good times lol.... lylas
Adam-Hey just kiddin lol j/p gd luck w/ everythin cluden my cuz;) ur pretty koo
Darcy- Hey ur pretty koo stay that way! neva change... gd luck w/ everythin!
Brach-Hey babe (lol) i miss u soooo much ur koo....neva change love ya!
Ne1 else i forgot srry.... jus leave me a message or sumhow get in touch w/ me and i will add u!

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